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Written by Leana herself, this book will help you stimulate your baby or toddler on all levels at an early age to ensure a happy, well balanced and healthy life!

Engaging Autism

Using the Floortime Approach to Help
Children Relate, Think and Communicate.
 Exciting information on neuroscience research into the effects of this approach.

The Out-of-Sync Child

Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Information to help recognize the problem and offers a drug-free treatment approach.

Parenting with Theraplay®

Theraplay® is an attachment-focused model of parenting that helps parents to understand and relate to their child.

The Autism Discussion Page:
The Blue Book

The Autism Discussion Page blue book focuses on the core challenges associated with autism (cognitive, sensory, social, and emotional).

The Autism Discussion Page:
The Green Book

The Autism Discussion Page green book covers anxiety and stress, challenging behaviors, stretching comfort zones, discipline, and school issues.

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