Use a Visual Week Chart

“The secret to victory, lies in the organisation” Charts are useful teaching tools because a kid enjoys seeing a visual representation of her responsibility and praise for an accomplished task. It’s not just the kids who can have fun with a chart. If your family needs a little encouragement to help with preparation, time schedules […]

Saying No, Without Saying No!

“You are often not the cause but could be the solution” “I said NO!”, “DON’T…!”, “you CAN’T…!”. These are just a few of the phrases I am sure you have used today to either get your child to stop what they are doing, listen to you, stop fighting with you or a sibling, or move […]

Is my child a fussy eater

“Nothing is better than going home to family and eating healthy food and relaxing” I often get asked if and when we should get concerned around our “fussy eater” as parents often get told it is just a “phase”; the parents are just “stressed” about it; or the child “eats” enough as they do not […]