Is my child a fussy eater

Is my child a fussy eater

“Nothing is better than going home to family and eating healthy food and relaxing”

I often get asked if and when we should get concerned around our “fussy eater” as parents often get told it is just a “phase”; the parents are just “stressed” about it; or the child “eats” enough as they do not “look” like fussy eaters.

If you often dread mealtimes, or if your child doesn’t thrive and gain weight, or the variety of each food group is limited, you might want to consider getting empowered with knowledge and practical strategies to IMPROVE your fussy eater and IMPROVE those stressful mealtimes!

Should you indicate “yes” to any of the below, please feel free to contact us for information about our Food Program/Picnic sessions.



  • Picky eater/fussy eater
  • Avoids certain textures, flavours, smells, tastes or temperatures
  • Strong reactions (e.g. Nausea, gagging)
  • Avoids chewing, moving food in mouth or lip closure
  • Avoids drinks other than water
  • Avoids smelling/touching food
  • Dislikes face wiping, tooth brushing, nose blowing.




  • Frequently sucks, chews or licks inedible objects (e.g. Pencils, toys etc. PICA)
  • Demonstrates a reduced ability to taste and/or recognise flavours
  • Seeks hard, chewy and crunchy foods
  • Overfills mouth when eating
  • Has messy eating habits
  • Is unaware of food particles left around mouth
  • Frequently drools or dribbles.
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Our Food Program consists of oral, tactile, visual and behavioural strategies to not only improve your fussy eater’s response to all aspects of food, but to also make mealtimes FUN again! Check out our services.

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